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If you are looking for information about me, check my bio page.

If you're looking for information about one of my books, like how/why I wrote it, go to the books page and click on the cover of the book(s) you are interested in and look for "the story behind the story," which is located toward the end of every page for all the books I've written.

If you're interested in writing tips, I feel that I'm not qualified to give them, but if you really, really want my advice, here it is: read as much as you can, and read in as many genre you can. If you love fiction, try non-fiction. If you love romance, try thrillers. Try poetry. There's so much great stuff out there and I think anyone who wants to be a writer needs to be a reader first.

You can send me a message using this webmail form. (All the fields are required, and be sure to give your correct email address so I can write you back.)

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